Preventive Dentistry



Even if your mouth feels perfectly normal, tooth decay and gum disease may have already started to take hold. While brushing and flossing on your own goes a long way towards avoiding these issues, the best way to prevent minor oral health problems from becoming full-blown emergencies is by attending regular checkups and cleanings at Whitewood Dental. Call our dental office to set up your next appointment for preventive dentistry in North Dallas, TX, with Dr. Le if your last visit was more than six months ago.



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Did you know? Tooth enamel is the most complex structure in the human body.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Your regular dental checkups will always involve a visual examination of the teeth, gums, tongue, and other oral structures; they might also include an X-ray that captures issues that have started to develop beneath the gums. Throughout your exam, we’re likely to find plaque and tartar in the nooks and crannies of your smile that you overlooked while brushing. We can gently remove these substances from your teeth long before they start causing issues.

Fluoride Treatments

Your teeth lose small amounts of minerals such as calcium and phosphate every day. This demineralization can easily lead to cavities if not reversed. Luckily, a mineral called fluoride – which is found in drinking water and many foods – can help the enamel layer rebuild itself. To give your smile a little extra protection until your next visit, we may provide you with a topical fluoride treatment after your cleaning; the process is quick, painless, and easy.

Oral Cancer Screenings

The longer you let any cancer go undiagnosed, the harder it will be to treat when it's discovered. Oral cancer – a disease that causes around 10,000 deaths every year – is no exception. Fortunately, two dental checkups a year will give Dr. Le ample opportunity to detect it early on. If discolored patches or unusual lumps are found in your mouth or throat, we'll recommend that a biopsy be performed so that you can seek the proper kind of treatment should you need it.


Schedule a dental cleaning every six months for optimal dental health. Some patients have severe dental issues and need a dental cleaning every three to five months. If you have healthy gums and teeth, you’ll only need to get dental cleanings every nine to twelve months.

Adults who are at risk of tooth decay. It’s also an excellent treatment for patients with a dental history of cavities who don’t see a dentist every six months and don’t have a healthy brushing or flossing routine.

A dental biopsy is a procedure that removes small abnormal tissues from a cavity. Pathologists examine the tissue and provide us with in-depth results. This determines which dental treatment is tailored to suit your dental condition

A treatment that protects your teeth from decay. Its main perks are reducing demineralization, increasing remineralization, and preventing bacterial metabolism. This helps prevent the growth of plaque bacteria.


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