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When it comes to high-quality dentistry, there are no small details. Every shade and contour of each tooth can have a dramatic and lasting impact on the smile. To ensure we deliver results that look great and can be trusted to last, we use some of the most advanced dental technology available today. The instruments detailed below help us provide premier care and guarantee a more convenient and comfortable experience. You and your children will get quick teeth cleanings while still achieving stunning results with us. Contact us today to schedule your general dental visit with state-of-the-art dentistry.


Extremely Thorough Checkups with an Intraoral Camera

Fast & Safe Digital X-Rays

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Intraoral Cameras

One of the most fundamental challenges of dentistry is getting a good look inside a patient's mouth. Previously, we accomplished this simply by shining a bright light, which is undoubtedly better than nothing, but it still leaves a lot of the oral cavity hidden in shadow. This is why we use intraoral cameras, which allow us to capture high-definition images and see every bit of the teeth and gums. As we diagnose your teeth, you'll be a participant who gets a better understanding of your dental health. You'll get to see the condition of your gums and ultra-vivid and enlarged images of your tooth's surface. We can display the images on a large monitor in the treatment room, enabling us to catch any potential decay or damage way earlier than we could with a regular visual exam.

All-Digital X-Rays

A lot can go on underneath your gum line—did you know that most of your teeth are hidden from the visible eye? To ensure a cavity, infection, or even oral cancer doesn't have a chance to sneak up on a patient, we regularly take X-rays during checkups. Digital X-rays have several advantages compared to traditional film—the images show more detail and take much less time to develop. The process also exposes our patients (as well as our team) to 90% LESS radiation.


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