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No child is too young or too old to be at risk for tooth decay; in fact, it’s considered one of the most common childhood diseases. To protect your little one’s smile, you need an experienced dentist – such as Dr. Le – with the patience to help them feel at ease and the expertise to meet their ever-changing dental needs. Get in touch with Whitewood Dental today to ask about scheduling an appointment for the youngest members of your family for children’s dentistry in North Dallas, TX.


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Did you know? 75% of children worldwide have dental cavities.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Just like adults, children need regular dental checkups and cleanings. Usually, these visits take place every six months, but your little one may need to start coming in more frequently depending on the state of their oral health. As they grow up, we can advise you on how much toothpaste they should use, what to do about poor oral habits such as thumb-sucking, and other issues that might come up as their mouth grows and develops.

Dental Sealants

Your child's permanent molars and premolars are among the teeth most likely to develop cavities because they have numerous crevices where bacteria and debris can become trapped. Many children can't brush efficiently or effectively enough to clean these areas. A thin plastic coating called a dental sealant can be painted onto these at-risk teeth to help keep them safe during your little one's cavity-prone years (generally between 6 and 14).

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Sadly, it's all too common for children to develop at least one cavity before adulthood. These small holes are sealed with a filling, preventing the decay from spreading any further. But instead of a metal filling that might make them self-conscious about smiling for their yearbook photos, we can give your child a composite filling that blends right in with the rest of their grin. It also allows us to keep the tooth's natural structure intact.

Athletic Mouthguards

It doesn't matter what sport they're playing; you shouldn't let your child walk out onto the field without a mouthguard. Instead of getting one from the store, however, you can ask Dr. Le to provide one based on impressions taken of your child's teeth. Such a precisely fitted appliance will be far more comfortable for your child to wear (and thus help to ensure that they won't "forget" to put it in), and it will provide much better protection for their teeth and gums.


It would be best to prioritize regular dental care visits every six months. Standard dental care includes dental exams, cleaning, fluoride treatment, and x-rays.

First, it’s great to give your child a general idea of what to expect at the dental cleaning. Explain why going to the dentist and having healthy teeth is crucial.

If your child is less than one year old, make sure you clean their gums with a sanitized damp cloth if they have teeth that haven’t grown yet. Children older than three years old demonstrate the correct brushing pattern to prevent missed spots. For your child’s gum safety, ensure they use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush their teeth. Limit foods that cause tooth decay, such as sweets and sweetened juices. Please encourage your child to eat fruits because the fibers keep their teeth clean.

The first visit will help your child get comfortable with visiting the dentist. Their dental visit lasts 30-45 minutes and includes a complete exam of the teeth, jaws, bite, gums, and mouth tissues. This ensures proper tooth growth. Our dentists polish and scrape tartar and stains from their teeth. You and your child will also get a demonstration of how to brush and floss properly. Regular dental visits are vital to strengthen your child’s teeth and examine tooth problems.


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