Years of poor oral hygiene lead to decaying teeth. This doesn’t have to disrupt your everyday life; you can continue eating and talking like you usually would with dentures. Complete dentures are designed to take the place of all the natural teeth that make up an arch, while partial dentures are modified to fill in the gaps in your smile.


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Did you know? Dentures can last up to ten years.

What Are Dentures?

Whitewood Dental makes durable and custom dentures for all patients. Dentures are a replacement for your missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. Full dentures are acrylic-based devices to restore a complete arch of missing teeth on the upper or bottom jaw. Partial dentures fill the space of one to three missing teeth. Our dentures comfortably fit over your gum tissues and give you a healthy smile.

Some of the advantages you can expect to get from dentures include:

Removable - both full and partial dentures can be removed for disinfecting. This improves your overall dental health and ensures that bacteria don't accumulate on the dentures.

The Process of Receiving Dentures

The first step is a free consultation and discussion with Dr. Le on which types of dentures you'll need to get. We'll perform a dental examination to search for infections and tooth decay. If your teeth are in a healthy condition, we'll start making a mold of your teeth customized to fit your exact measurements. The finished mold is sent to a dental lab, and they begin to make the dentures with the provided specifications. When your dentures are ready, you'll visit us for a fitting to ensure there aren't imperfections. If necessary, adjustments are made to the dentures because they may maximize your comfort. You'll get the same functions as regular teeth, and patients usually get accustomed to their new dentures within weeks.


The longevity of dentures depends on their type. Complete dentures last 5-10 years, while partial dentures last 15 years. Immediate dentures last three months. These dentures are used until your permanent dentures are ready for you to wear.

Patients with several or a complete arch of missing teeth with healthy gum tissues and jawbones are best suited for dentures. If you’re missing only one to three teeth, a dental bridge is a more suitable option.

Partial or complete dentures must be adequately cared for to reduce bacteria and keep it visually appealing. Some of your recommendations include:

• Rinse dentures in water after eating to minimize particle buildup
• Handle your dentures with care, and don’t bend them
• Brush your dentures regularly with a nonabrasive denture cleanser to sanitize and remove plaque
• You may soak your dentures in water or a mild denture-soaking liquid at night
• Rinse dentures in water before putting them on if put in denture-soaking solution because it contains chemicals that cause aches and irritations.
• Avoid soaking your dentures in hot water because it warps the shape.

If your dentures don’t fit properly and aren’t tightly snug, then you’ll need to visit our dentist immediately. Most patients get their dentures relines once a year.


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